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​​[Recipe by Ms.Sassa] Quick summer vegetable pickles with konbu

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Quick summer vegetable pickles with konbu

Ingredients: (serves 4) 

3~4 cabbage leaves 

8~10 shiso leaves 

2 Japanese cucumbers 

5 inch long konbu kelp 

2 tsp salt 


1. julienne cabbage leaves 

2. slice cucumber into thin slices (using mandoline makes it easier!) 

3. using scissors, cut konbu kelp into thin strips. (It’s ok if they breaks into small pieces while cutting) 

4. in a large plastic bag or ziplock, put julienned cabbage, sliced cucumber, konbu and salt. Massage well for 2~3 minutes until they are all well mixed and started to release some liquid 

5. put it aside for 10 minutes 

6. julienned shiso leaves 

7. before serving, lightly squeeze out some liquid and top with julienned shiso leaves. 

Tips: you can also add things like lemon juice, toast sesame seeds, Japanese seven hichimi spice, etc to enjoy variation of flavors! This will keep in fridge for up to 3 days.