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[Recipe by Ms.Sassa] Snowy day Sungiku with grated daikon

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Snowy day Sungiku with grated daikon 

Ingredient:(serves 4) 

1 bunch of shungiku 

5 inch of daikon radish 

wasabi paste 

soy sauce 


1. Wash shungiku with cold water, drain. 

2. Bring pot full of water to boil and put salt (same amount for cooking pasta) 

3. Cook Shungiku for 2 minutes and put it into an ice bath immediately. Let it cool completely and drain well. 

4. After squeezing out excess liquid by squeezing the shungiku cut it into 2 inch long length.

5. Peel daikon skin and grate it and squeeze out excess moisture. 

6. In a bowl, mix shungiku and grated daikon well. 

7. Serve in individual bowl and pour some soy sauce and put wasabi paste (about pea size). Mix before eating and enjoy! 


Grated daikon looks like slushy snow and when combined with other ingredients, such as vegetables, seafood and mushrooms, not only it makes it look pretty, brings out flavor of other ingredients. Shungiku has sweet and mild bitterness, so wasabi flavor goes very well together.