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​[Recipe] ​Goya (Bitter Melon) Chips

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Goya (Bitter Melon) Chips


Ingredients: (serve 2)

Goya……………….1 (about 6 inch long)!

katakuri starch (potato starch)…….3~5 table spoon

olive oil




1. Cut bitter melon into half lengthwise and scoop out all the seeds and spongy white fibers.

2. Slice into 1/4 inch thickness.

3. Massage the sliced bitter melon with 1/2 tea spoon of salt.

4. Soak the salted bitter melon in bowl full of water for 10 minutes. (this preparation removes

some bitterness)

5. Drain the bitter melon and using paper towel, pat them dry well

6. Put the bitter melon in ziplock and sprinkle over katakuri starch. Shake it well to make sure

each bitter melon slices are coated with katakuri starch.

7. In a frying pan, heat put olive oil enough to cover the bottom of the pan and turn on the heat.

8. Line up the bitter melon slices in the pan and fry until slightly golden brown. Flip!

9. Fry the other side as well and drain on the paper towel.

10. Serve them on your favorite plate and sprinkle with some salt and lime juice. Serve while


Tips: This super crunchy and delicious chips are irresistible! Great for snacks and of course

goes great with cold beer and white wine. Enjoy!!